7 Reasons Marijuana Is Good for Your Health

Over the years there have been many debates as to the effects of marijuana and what impact it had, not only on the brain, but also the body. It wasn’t until legalization in parts of the United States in 2012 that the health benefits of marijuana finally hit the mainstream. People who had previously associated marijuana with addiction were suddenly asking, what could the plant be used to treat?

Since legalization, researchers and the medical industry have been spending a lot of time and money to find out why marijuana was used by our ancestors, and then coveted as a miracle drug during the early 20th century. Today we know much more, from the benefits to how to grow more efficiently and innovative consumption methods. There is a vast range of products provided by online retailers like Daily High Club, so if you are interested in purchasing a high-quality product you should check out their website. From bongs to dabs and pipes, there are numerous consumption devices and accessories to choose from. If you’re curious about why cannabis is so beneficial, here’s an explanation.

Great For Pain 

One of the main reasons many people use cannabis, especially medical marijuana, is because of how effective it is for treating pain. It can do this because it changes the way your brain perceives pain impulses by either rerouting the signal or blocking the receptors. This is actually one of the main reasons why it is recommended for systemic inflammation because no medication can reduce that type of pain the same way as marijuana, which makes it a great way to recover after working out.

Aids With Sleep 

Another benefit that marijuana provides is that it aids with sleep, and makes sleeping for people who have conditions such as insomnia much easier. As mentioned above, it helps with pain and inflammation, so people that have restless legs can sleep through. In addition to that, because of the way it interacts with the amygdala, it changes the way that the brain responds to threats, meaning that people that suffer from night terrors can get a few more hours in and not have to wake up terrified. 

Concentrate Better

For many people who have trouble concentrating, going for a run or a brisk walk helps, because it raises the levels of dopamine within the brain. Marijuana does the same thing, and at higher doses, the effects are more pronounced, which means that people who suffer from ADHD can concentrate. This is a benefit for those without ADHD too because even a small amount of THC or CBD will help. 

Increases Hunger

According to statistics, at least 9% of the world’s population is affected by eating disorders, which translates to 711 million people. Many of those people are now turning to marijuana to overcome the symptoms of these disorders in conjunction with therapy. It is also used for the treatment of side effects for those undergoing chemotherapy. Marijuana can do this because of how it interacts with the brain and several other regions to not only make food taste better but change the way the brain perceives the intake of food. 

Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is far more common than people might think and affects 18.1% of the adult population worldwide. As mentioned above, marijuana changes the way that the brain responds to threats because of the way it interacts with the amygdala, meaning that it is a very good treatment for anxiety, as well as PTSD. Anxiety affects many aspects of a person’s life and can be something that is stopping someone from pursuing a relationship or even just going to the gym. 

Protects The Brain 

Since the legalization of marijuana, many researchers have been able to finally research and understand exactly what marijuana does to the brain, and since then many tests have been conducted. One of these tests showed that older mice who were given small doses of THC were able to complete the tasks that their counterparts who did not receive THC were not able to do.  Their performance was almost, if not equal to, younger mice performing the same tasks. 

Glaucoma Treatment

Years ago, before legalization, a common joke in films involved the marijuana-using character justifying their consumption by saying they have glaucoma. Despite being a joke all those years ago, today we know that marijuana does indeed treat glaucoma. This is often characterized as high pressure in the eye due to damage which causes slow vision loss. This is because marijuana reduces intraocular pressure, meaning that no damage is being caused to the eye, slowing or halting the loss of vision. 

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