94 Year Old Veteran Enjoys USO Remembers Show

A friend of mine, Denise Ellenberger Sheets, shared this post and I wanted to share it with Senior News readers.Last night I received an invitation to go to a local show at the old Strand Theater in Zelienople with my lifelong friend and her 94 year old veteran father, a true gentleman and the definition of a true American.It was one of the best times of my life, and an evening that I will never forget and treasure forever. As I sat beside him, I was blessed to watch him sing along with pride. When he struggled to stand, numerous times, for the songs dedicated to the branches of the military, the tears rolled down my face. He was the first in the crowd to stand for God Bless America I stood with him.He shook hands with many grateful Americans who stopped by to Thank him for his service . He walked with us willingly for blocks back to the car where we all stood and reminisced about the incredible evening over and over again. He shook our hands many times over with a smile that lit up the night sky. Halfway back he stopped at a store window and asked for us to take his picture in front of all the American flags on display . He mentioned that they wanted to change the design which made him emotional. I will remember this evening with gratitude & pride for the rest of my life.God Bless You Frank &God Bless America

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