REVIEW: Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System by FLYTLAB

As soon as I used the Ctrl for the first time, I was impressed. The packaging is awesome (although a bit wasteful, more on that later), it is very easy to use, handles and protects carts 500mg or 1000mg and hits great. I intentionally waited for almost 3 months of use to write this review, just to be sure my excitement would not fade. I’m still impressed and use it daily!

Manufacturer’s Description
The Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System by FLYTLAB provides an easy to use, efficient and discreet way for you to “Get Lifted”. Featuring a sleek design, streamlined controls and unrivaled cartridge compatibility. The Ctrl. uses a high capacity 400 MaH built in battery with no need for any magnetic cartridge attachments or threading. Simply open the lid, drop your cartridge into the spring loaded chamber, close the lid and your ready to go. The Ctrl. is inhale-activated and is always in standby mode. When ready to use, just inhale through the mouthpiece and a vaporized dose will be delivered.

Here’s why I love it:

  • Extremely discrete and portable, easily slips into a pocket.
  • Completely enclosed design protects your cartridge and helps with discretion.
  • Very easy to load, use and set temperate setting with no buttons at all.
  • Great battery life, when you are not using it, the device automatically goes into standby mode prolonging battery life.
  • Great hits!

Some things that could improve:

  • Add a low-battery warning system. While the battery life is very good, it would be nice to get a notification when the battery is running low, so you can charge it back up ahead of time. You can check the battery level by tapping the device (gently) on a hard surface, but I’m suggesting something that alerts you without you having to check.
  • Reduce packaging to help the Earth.
  • GPS or a way to locate a lost device- I think all small vape accessories should have this. It still surprises me how often me and other patients I talk to lose devices.
  • Create some accessories! Charging stand, carrying case, etc. I would personally probably buy whatever you come out with.


I feel the entire marijuana industry could cut back on wasteful packing. The packaging is quite cool and impressive, but is it really necessary? Most of the materials are recyclable which is a good thing, but it would be even better if there was much less to recycle.

Available from Flytlab, and at local Pittsburgh Sunnyside dispensaries. We found the best price is directly from Flytlab.

Device Specifications

Best price we’ve seen$50.00
Type of HeatingConduction
CompatibilityE-Liquids, 510 Oil Carts
Heat-Up Time0-10 Seconds
Adjustable TemperatureYes – 4 preset temps
Draw Typeauto-draw (no button)
Cartridge Compatibilityany size up to 11mm
Cartridge Connectionnone needed
Height4 inches
Width0.79 inches
Depth1.97 inches
Weight0.0071 oz (without cartridge)
Charging Plugsmicro USB
Included in Boxdevice, charging cable, manual
Warranty1 year limited warranty

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