Stories of Hope: Car Accident, Trauma to Healing

Hi John,

I decided to send in my story because it greatly impacted me, and I’ve been thinking about sharing it for a while now.  I love these stories so I’m willing to share.  I am a recreational user, but marijuana is so helpful for sleep and relaxation that I’d have to call its effects medical as I have a high stress job and it calms me.

I was in a terrible car accident about six months ago and had quite a bit of trauma to my face and my knees.  I had many deep scrapes and my chin hit the dashboard, I bit through my lip and it required 14 stitches to repair my face and nose.  It felt terrible, I looked terrible, and my knees were pretty banged up.  I’m 36 and a single woman so it was awful.  But, I took a week off from work, and after the emergency room visit, the doctor had me see my primary care doc the next day.  He gave me some antibiotics and said how terrible I looked, which I knew, and gave me a sample of antibiotic cream for my face.

I have a friend who is a cannabis doctor and he suggested I get a very good CBD cream to rub on my face and knees, along with some CBD joints which he said to use for inflammation, and I could get it at my local dispensary.  I live in Colorado so I’m lucky that we have so many products.

Well, I started my cream immediately on my face and knees and began smoking CBD for my lip, knees and for general inflammation and healing.  I saw an immediate improvement in one day and in a week I went back to my regular doctor, and he couldn’t believe the healing.  I have since learned that my friend wanted me to use inhalation of CBD so it could pass over my lip to bring cannabis right to my skin.  Who knew??

Well, it’s been over 6 months now and you’d never know I had terrible injuries.  I’m thrilled and grateful for cannabis medicine because even my knees aren’t sore anymore.  My doctor said it was the marijuana plus I’m young.

As a side note, I’ve been watching your pain podcasts and I was given only 4 Percocet from the emergency room!  I couldn’t believe it because when I had stitches last time, they gave me 4 days’ worth.  Needless to say, the pills did not get me through the night, my pain was so bad, and the pot didn’t really help the pain.  So I am one of those people you are discussing and I thought it was only me!  I’m definitely going to be rooting for the pain advocates and am happy UPG is getting the truth out.

Here is my Story of Hope.

Thank you,


Boulder, CO

Respectfully submitted by Laura

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