Stories of Hope: Walking Pain Free

My story may seem rather insignificant, but it was a life changer.  I have several invisible pain conditions, and my pain is rarely in control.  Many years ago when my state went legal for cannabis I did my research and decided to add cannabis to my pain treatment.  It works very well for sleep which is a huge challenge for me and part of the fibromyalgia symptoms I suffer from.  I have worked up to about 25mg THC and THCA in an edible for sleep, which kicks in about an hour and a half after I eat it.  It simply makes me tired, and I usually sleep about 5 hours without interruption.  I still wake early, often at 4 am and it takes me about 5 hours to get moving.  In the morning I take 30mg of CBD with 10mg THC and THCA in a capsule form and never feel high or impaired.  All this plus my prescription pain medicine makes life livable and I am mostly able to enjoy my life.  I also went vegetarian, lost weight, and eat low calorie.  I use hormone replacement which has been essential as my thermostat is off and I am very sensitive to temperature changes.

Suffering is my norm, but you can get used to almost anything.

However, there is one symptom which is seemingly impervious to all my efforts.  When I walk around bare foot in the house, in my yard, at the beach I get excruciating foot pain.  It’s so weird because it’s the top of my feet but it is so intense I can’t walk nor put a blanket on them.  My feet do not swell, they’re not hot nor red, but it is agonizing.  I’ve tried lidocaine patches, a pain lotion compounded by a pharmacist, but nothing worked.  Then someone suggested I try a topical marijuana.  I got some and after a very rigorous weekend my feet were so bad, I started to apply the cream.  It was high in THC with CBD and I was worried I’d get high but I didn’t even feel it.  Guess what?  After 4 days my feet were back to normal!  No pain.  Now I make my own high THC oil or decarbed flower mixed in coconut butter and use it almost every night.  I do it right before bed and put on socks.  I even notice that when I rub on the topical, my feet get warm!  And the more they hurt the warmer they get…Anyway this has been working for over 5 years and I thought I’d share it.

There is a bonus.  I like the cream and use it on my face and neck and it’s great for fine lines and as a moisturizer.

That’s my story of hope and even though it seems small, walking pain free is a blessing!

Thank you for all you do, John!

I found United Patients Group in 2014 and love all you do.



Joanne P.

Respectfully submitted by Joanne P. – Bristol, RI

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