Story of Hope: ER, Kidney Stones, Pain Meds and Cannabis Relief

Dear John,

I have been following you and Corinne since your first podcast with The Sacred Plant and had been a faithful watcher. Let me first say I’m so sorry about your wife. She was lovely!  I was so impressed that you continued teaching about cannabis medicine, that your story is my Story of HOPE, John.

A little over a year ago I tuned into the Sacred Plant and found no mention of you.  I kept getting e-mails from them signed by you and I even asked where you were, but no one told me.  What a disappointment! Thank goodness I found your YouTube channel and now your website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts and podcasts.  Thank you so much for staying in the industry!  I also like what you are doing with chronic pain, again, helping those who suffer without access to pain medication.  I had no idea this was a problem created by our government, just like cannabis!

So John, I am in my 70s, am a former college professor in Communications so I am pretty tech savvy.  Last month, I had back pain and ended up in the ER with a kidney stone.  I was surprised they didn’t really give me adequate pain medication but then watched your, Don’t Punish Pain series and learned the truth.   Luckily, I passed one stone and was better, but unfortunately, I had two.  Just last week I didn’t feel well again and was having trouble with going to the bathroom, so I began to use cannabis gummies.  I took 5 mg 1:1 gummies and cut them in two.  I started taking 2.5 mg about every 4 hours.  What a difference!  I was more relaxed, slept better and I actually felt better.  I began to start going to the bathroom and was much better until I passed the second stone.  I had some narcotics left and took them, strained my urine, and caught the little stone.  Just an aside, as to the narcotic use, I had no interest in taking more and still have two of the ten pills left.  I have no need for them.

However, I have continued my gummies.  I even increased the one at night to a full 5 mg and sleep very well.  I notice I’m happier, calmer and do more because I feel better.

I don’t know if this helps anyone be “hopeful”, but it’s my story of cannabis use which helped me during a difficult time.  Mostly though, I wanted to thank you for staying in this business and being able to express my gratitude to you and Corinne for all you have done and continue to do.

I tutor occasionally, so sadly I prefer to stay anonymous.




Respectfully submitted by DK

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