TOP 7 Celeb brands in OK

This issue spotlights Jim Belushi and The Blues Brothers on the cover with their edibles and pre rolls, but they’re not the only celebrities who have launched cannabis brands here. The stars have aligned and some of them are operating in the Sooner state. Presented below, and in no certain order, is a list of the Top 7 Celebrity Cannabis Products in Oklahoma.


Weezy has his own line of medical marijuana products now, called GKUA. We aren’t sure what it stands for, but it features: GKUA Ultra Premium Concentrate, Flower and Live Resin THC Vapes. The Weezy Weedfinder on his website will help you find where they’re available.


Toby Keith released “Wacky Tobaccy” featuring legendary pothead Willie Nelson in 2017, and now he’s got his own cannabis brand, seemingly named after his 2007 album. Big Dog Daddy. Big Dog 1g Pre Rolled Joints and 4 Packs Pre Rolled Joints with a Match and Match Strip.


Jim Belushi’s Chasing Magic Chocolate Edibles and Chocolate Joints with Glazed Edibles, as well as The Blues Brothers Working Man’s Brand 6 Pack Pre Rolled Joints. “It’s dark… and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it.” &


Tommy Chong is one of the original, iconic celebrity stoners and it’s nice to have him here. Tommy Chong’s Cannabis: 1g – 4g Jars of Flower, Pre Rolls and Cartridges. A true cannabis classic, so “Toke, toke it up, man!”

3.  ICE CUBE: 

Ice Cube’s brands are inspired by some of his most popular songs and movies: Fryday Kush and Good Day Kush from Caviar Gold: 1g Pre Rolled Infused Joints, 1g Infused Joint 4 Packs, and 3.5g Moonrocks. As the man says, “Smoke some weed”.


Afroman’s most popular song, “Because I got High’,’ was a big hit, and now he’s hitting big with his Fro-Sticcs Pre Rolls and Cup-O-Fro Old School Eighths with Kief. “La da da da-da-da La.”


Wrestling Superstar Rob Van Dam, “The Whole F’N Show”, has launched his RVD THC Rolling Thunder Infused Pre Rolls: Made with Indoor Full Flower, Live Resin – Sugar Wax, and 2 Kief Blend. The Whole F’N Show and The Whole F’N Smoke.

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